Prayer to Heal Thyself?

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There’s no doubt about it, prayer is powerful. Many people pray to strengthen their faith, but can prayer strengthen your immune system?

In times of uncertainty like those in which we live in now, many people are turning to religion for the first time or returning to their spiritual roots to find answers and how to cope with modern-day plagues as well as strengthening their resolve to stay committed not only to their faith, but to maintaining their personal Temple.

Learn more about how one couple used their spiritual faith and prayer to manage an autoimmune disease.

Religion, prayer to be specific, can not only be a strong source of Hope and healing for the patient but it can also help doctors empathize with their patients.

Studies show that prayerful living can have a quantifiable, positive impact on the life of people afflicted with various conditions and diseases and can usher them into swifter recovery. Learn more in this article from the Journal of Ethics.

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