First-Ever Virtual Tea Festival – Japanese Green Tea Co. at International Virtual Tea Festival 2020

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November 06, 2020

First-Ever Virtual Tea Festival - Japanese Green Tea Co. at International Virtual Tea Festival 2020

Do you miss all the tea festivals and events?

We do.

COVID19 has hit so hard this year that none of the events that we participate in decided to close down this year.

Chicago International Tea Festival[1], though, decided to take a huge jump to the future and hosting the first-ever virtual tea festival. Yes, Virtual!

When they announced this earlier in the year, we jumped on to be having a booth in the festival, and we are so lucky and proud to be accepted as one of the vendors at this historical event in the tea industry.

I think that this event is truly first-of-a-kind in the history. Other organizations are doing a “one-way” presentation like the YouTube-Live type of event where you watch people talk. But this one you get to participate in the festival.
Let me explain more.  

Did someone say tea festival?

In this event, you are browsing around and visit vendor’s booths using Zoom. 
(I think you know what Zoom is by now, but in case you do not know, it is a tool that allows you to video chat with people.)

So it is really like you are in the Tea Festival where you visit each booth and chat with each Tea Vendors and have some tea.  

You get to pick which booth to visit (please visit ours!) and you can turn on your webcam or keep the video off (if you are in pajama) and only have your voice-activated. 

I will be at the booth live all the time (except maybe when I need to go to the bathroom by drinking too much tea) and chat about tea and hang out.  

You will also be able to see other visitors at the booth, so it’s like a real Festival; you get to listen to other people talking to me.

Everyone at the festival loves tea for sure, so I think you will have a good time.

As we usually do with the event, we wanted to give a surprise element to the booth.

Here are what you get from visiting our booth.

  1. Everyone who visits our booth will get a little gift from me. Yes, everyone.  (come see our both to find out what it is[2])
  2. Three times a day, we are doing a raffle of give-away for more goodies (come see our booth to find out time[3])
  3. You get to watch a new little video that we made particularly for this event as a pre-recorded class

I mentioned earlier that we have been working hard for things coming in November this is one of them. 

Please come say hi to me and hang out at the International Virtual Tea Festival.

It is happening on November 7 and 8 (9:00am-4:00pm CT) and you can participate from this link.

 tea festival

Events We Participated in the Past (Good old time..)

Here are some of the other events we participate and the pictures/videos from the past events. 

NW Tea Festival

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