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Clearwater, Fla. – Monin, a leader in the beverage and premium flavoring industry with more than 100 years of experience, introduces their revolutionary new product, Immunity Boost. This innovative supplement is a fortifying blend of immune-boosting vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, including Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, Echinacea and more. Monin Immunity Boost has no added flavor, zero sugar and eliminates the unpleasant taste of vitamins, providing a simple way to “boost” an iced beverage, all without changing its flavor profile.

This innovative immune-strengthening blend mixes best with cold beverages such as soft drinks, teas, lemonade, and sparkling waters as well as juices, smoothies, cocktails and zero-proof beverages. Its liquid formula delivers a more seamless blend into a drink than a powder, making for an incredibly simple (and delicious) way to add essential vitamins and minerals to a beverage. Additionally, as the winter flu season approaches, Immunity Boost is an easy way to help fend off cold-related symptoms.

A timely response to the pandemic as well as an increased awareness surrounding immune health, Monin Immunity Boost works to strengthen our body’s natural defenses by delivering a powerful blend of six nutrients. Just one serving (2 pumps or 1⁄2 oz.) has more than 500% of the daily recommended value of Vitamin C, along with a fortifying blend of Vitamin D, Vitamin B3, Zinc, Echinacea, and Elderberry. Immunity Boost is a quick and easy way to add essential vitamins and minerals to a beverage.

In response to the growing consumer desire for label transparency and healthier lifestyles, Monin’s Immunity Boost contains no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives and is sugar-free, gluten-free and caffeine-free.

Recently, Monin conducted proprietary research surveying 8,000+ consumers who regularly dine out. The results revealed that 60% of respondents would select Immunity Boost as an add-in option to their regular non-alcoholic beverage the next time they visit their favorite restaurant.

“Monin is proud to introduce such a unique product that directly responds to heightened awareness around health and wellness,” said Bill Lombardo, CEO of Monin Americas. “Immunity Boost is not only timely for consumers, but it’s a value-add for operator menus. It brings immune-boosting properties to a beverage, which is great for the guest, and it’s a simple way to increase check average by ‘boosting’ sales and margin on beverage items.”

Elderberry, specifically, has been steadily increasing in supplements, food and beverages. Tastewise reported that 233 restaurants currently feature Elderberry on their menu, up +13% from last year. Similarly, a 46% spike in orange juice consumption from 2019 indicates that consumers are actively seeking immunity-boosting citrus supplements such as Vitamin-C, which is the leading ingredient in Monin Immunity Boost.

“Monin is always looking for ways to elevate food and beverage menus with operator-friendly and innovative solutions that deliver a premium experience for the guest,” said Stasha Johnston, Monin’s Senior Vice President of Marketing. “This immunity supplement does just that. It’s unique, easy and quick for serving staff to execute in many iced beverage applications. Plus, it makes taking your ‘vitamins’ much more enjoyable.”

Monin is the premium flavor of choice for coffeehouse and foodservice operators worldwide, offering a wide variety of beverage solutions that deliver high-quality, authentic flavor to any beverage or culinary creation – a trusted staple for bartenders, baristas and chefs.

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About Monin Gourmet Flavorings

Founded in 1912 in Bourges, France and family-owned and operated for three generations, Monin is the premier provider of flavoring products for creating specialty beverage and flavorful culinary solutions. With manufacturing facilities on three continents and product availability in more than 145 countries, Monin is recognized as the leading global flavor solution provider. For more information, visit or download the Monin Inspiration App.

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