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Consider whether you’re buying vitamins because you have a specific deficiency or you just want to generally boost your levels. If the former, you might want to buy individual vitamins that you’re deficient in (for instance, if you’re deficient in B12, choose a B12 supplement), whereas a multivitamin will suffice for a general boost. Check the ingredients in your vitamins carefully if you’re vegetarian or vegan. Many capsules and gummies, and some time-release tablets contain porcine or bovine gelatin, while vegans should watch out for non-vegan vitamin D3, even in vegetarian vitamin pills. Try taking your vitamins at the same time each day to make it part of your daily routine. For the first week or two, it might help to set a reminder on your watch or phone, but after a couple of weeks, it will become a habit. If buying vitamins for children, consider a specific children’s formula. Not only do they contain the perfect blend of nutrients for growing bodies, they’re usually in an easy-to-take form, such as chewable tablets. While vitamins tablets and capsules may still be safe to consume after their “best before” date, they will lose some of their potency.

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