ADM spotlights six emerging health and wellness trends from gut health to immune function –

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Recent ADM OutsideVoice research shows that 77% of consumers intend to make more attempts to stay healthy in the future, and food and beverage manufacturers who successfully manage to balance consumer health concerns with affordability are most likely to win with consumers.

“This evolution is providing a unique opportunity for forward-looking food and beverage companies to bring a suite of trailblazing new products to market,”​ said Ana Ferrell, VP of Marketing, ADM.

1. Increased focus on gut health and immune function connection

Globally, 57% of consumers report being more concerned about their immunity as a result of COVID-19, according to ADM OutsideVoice research.

“As consumers strive to enhance their immunity, they are becoming more knowledgeable about how the human microbiome supports the immune system and overall wellbeing. Products containing probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics can benefit the microbiome and are already gaining momentum in the marketplace,”​ said ADM in its report.[1]

2. Plant-based becomes mainstream

In the US, 18% of alternative protein buyers purchased their first plant-based protein during COVID-19, and 92% of those first-time buyers report they are likely to continue purchasing meat alternatives, according to the ADM’s research.

Many companies from Impossible Foods[2]​ and Beyond Meat[3]​ have stepped up manufacturing and distribution efforts to meet recent surging demand.

“With health, safety and convenience as top purchase motivators, products that deliver exceptional nutrition and a high-quality sensory experience will be poised for success,”​ noted ADM.


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