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A Herbal-based Immunity Boosting Room Freshener

A Herbal-based Immunity Boosting Room Freshener& 

Key Highlights

  • This freshener consists of extracts of herbal oils like Tulsi, Lemon, Turmeric, Laung, Ajwain
  • It is said to help in containing the spread of COVID-19

Defence Institute of Advanced Technology, which is a Deemed to be University under the Ministry of Defence in India, has developed a herbal-based room freshener called Healthy Air – that’s not just a normal freshener but an immunity-booster too that can help in containing the spread of COVID-19. 

This freshener consists of various extracts of herbal oils such as Tulsi, Lemon, Turmeric, Laung, Ajwain, Lavender, Neem, Neelgiri, Camphor, Daalcheeni, Elaichi, Turmeric, Natural Vetiveru, Raimuniya and Pine Oil, making it a blend of natural oils. 

It is said to act as an immunity booster for the body and exhibit Anti-cancerous, Anti-microbial, Anti-viral and Anti-fungal properties. It can be used in rooms, conference halls, public places, hospitals, malls, cinema halls, waiting lounges, railway stations etc. 

Unlike the chemical room fresheners, the Healthy Air does not contain any synthetic chemicals nor secondary solvents. It is touted to support respiratory condition and help people suffering from allergic reactions, breathing problems related to asthma, headache, nasal irritation, or soreness in the throat with its natural herbal extracts that work as an immunity booster.

“The technology transfer of this product freely available for Indian technology start-ups, and companies in its fight against the current pandemic situation,” notes the official statement. 


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