Green Tea Mania’s 16 Stocking Stuffer List – 2021 Holiday Version

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November 11, 2021

Green Tea Mania's 16 Stocking Stuffer List - 2021 Holiday Version

Thinking about good gift ideas for a green tea lover in your life? Here is my list of a few green tea products that are good for stocking stuffers. Other cultures have just barely scratched the surface of the many uses of green tea. However, the Japanese have quite a head start and are still discovering new uses as it becomes a popular ingredient worldwide.

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Matcha is typically served with Japanese sweets like the gelatinous mochi, as sweets complement the flavors in the green tea. For that reason, commercial sweets producers have jumped on the green tea trend, and you can now buy KitKat bars in Japan made with matcha powder.

The brand name goes back to 1911 in the United Kingdom, and has traditionally been a chocolate candy. However, in 2000, Nestle began releasing new flavors of KitKat’s in Japan, and almost 20 years later, they have debuted over 200 offerings. Among these flavors are green tea and matcha.

Japanese Kit Kat Matcha Green Tea Flavor chocolate

Whether it’s soba noodles made with matcha or instant noodles in a cup of green tea, this is one food pairing that is highly popular in Japan that has yet to have a global reach. However, it probably will soon be discovered and become the latest green tea food trend worldwide.

Anything with “zuke” in the name sounds like it’s made with squash or zucchini. However, this has no zucchini in it at all. This is considered a comfort food and is made with fish, rice, and green tea. The tea is steeped separately before being poured over the rice and topped with toppings such as shredded nori, citrus peel, and other flavorings.  Please check my entire article I wrote about green tea rice here[1].

Whether you’re a school kid  or a grandparent, there’s undeniably something great about the sugar fix a candy bar provides. Because of this, green tea and matcha-flavored candies have become big business. Here are some of my favorites: Matcha Pocky[2] and Melty Kiss[3]. These two are incredibly popular in Japan.

I wrote an article about green tea being good for skin[4]. The Japanese are very ingenious about making use of holistic ingredients to rejuvenate and cleanse the body. As such, green tea is considered a natural detoxifier because it is high in antioxidants. Additionally, it has a sweet scent that many Japanese people find comforting. The caffeine in it can also help raise energy levels and invigorate the senses. Here is a good example of using green tea for skin.

Green Tea Bath Salt

Because the smell is sweet and comforting, it’s no surprise that the Japanese decided to make it into incense. Burning incense is ingrained in Japanese culture for various rituals, as a way to cleanse the air, or to simply to make a room smell better. You can adopt this custom by getting your own green tea incense from Japan.

There is nothing better than getting the actual premium green tea[5]! This green tea has won the Global Tea Championship this year.

I Will Teach You How to Be Healthy By Using Japanese Green Tea is a guide to achieving better health and longevity through the use of Japanese Green Tea. This beautifully illustrated guide demonstrates the various uses for this miracle plant and explains the various properties within green tea that makes it an anti-cancer powerhouse (and more). Each page of the book provides readers with a wealth of knowledge that can help to boost the body’s natural immunities, increase energy, and develop a more organic system of hygiene.

tea gift in stocking

Did you know that black tea, oolong tea, and green tea come from the same plant or that their labels really just describe where the leaf was left off in the fermentation process? Learn about the unusual uses for green tea such as green tea beer or green tea cake. Find out how to get more of the antioxidant catechin out of tea by adding one simple ingredient. These facts and hundreds more are all contained inside this beautiful guide to Green Tea.

This might not fit in most people’s stocking size but I have to mention this. If you want to make your own matcha, the Sharp TE-T56U- GR Tea-Cere Matcha Tea Maker allows you to grind green tea the way you traditionally would using a stone mill. This machine uses ceramic to mimic the traditional stone mill.  Note that you need to use a specific type of green tea called “Tencha” in order to get resulting Matcha. I wrote a whole review article of this product. Click here to see the full review. [6][7]

Chocolate biscuits with matcha filling will make us feel happy and satisfied. Meiji products are very popular because their Almond, Macadamia and Choco Baby are easy to buy almost around the world, and tasty too. It’s sure that this choco matcha biscuits will not leave us disappointed and will make us ask for more. The package design will make us remember about snowflakes, flowers, and the Japanese culture.

Japanese Biscuits Meiji Ninjapo

A chocolate chewy snack from Korea that can satisfy your choco and green tea cravings. Small chocolate covered soft cake matcha with marshmallow filling is a great treat to cherish your fun moments and you can partner it with green tea drink too. Since these are individually packed, we can share the tasty goodness with our family and friends.

Lotte Choco Pie Green Tea 11.85 oz (2 PACKS)

Don’t get fooled with these small waffle cookies as they are crispy, yet they can melt in your mouth. With the matcha flavor, you can have these comfort food soften and warmed a bit on top of your hot cup of coffee or tea. It is not too sweet, so you don’t have to worry much about consuming sugar.

Richy Butter Waffles Cookie Sharing Pack 1 Pack (Matcha)

Thin cookies with good tasting matcha cream will make us think again of Japan. Even crunchy thin, these are really delicious and perfect match for milk or plain matcha hot drink.  We can definitely finish the whole bag in one sitting, but it will be best to consume these slowly so we can enjoy the chat and appreciate its taste gracefully like making and drinking matcha. Just rest for a bit and have a stress—free snacking time.

Kukkia Cookies (Green Tea)

3 in 1 set of Hello Kitty wafer cookies that will help you make a bond with kids especially with toddlers. The most popular Sanrio character, Kitty White, is adorably offering us to try their small wafer flavors Chocolate, Green Tea and Strawberry.  These Hello Kitty snacks are perfect as party desserts and kids will get back to have a second batch of these wafer sticks.

Hello Kitty Snacks Wafer Cookies in Strawberry, Chocolate, Green Tea flavor! Great Snacks on the go, for adults, Children, Party Favors, Birthday Gifts and School. (HK Wafer Cookies, Variety Pack of 3)

Matcha cream covered biscuit sticks made of high-quality ingredients, the world-famous Japanese snack, Pocky, is a popular treat among teenagers. Nice to look at and easy to touch. It can be eaten with another tea, milk or chocolate drink too. With combined biscuit, cream and green tea taste, you will surely open another box and eat all the biscuit sticks. A nice snack for lovers too.

Either we want to experience Japan at home or reminisce your previous Japan travel, what is important is as these snacks are delicious, comforting and satisfying, you have to consume foods and drinks in moderation. Don’t forget oral hygiene as well. These ready-made desserts are nice to be given as gifts to your loved-ones because they will definitely like these kinds of food.

Pocky Matcha Green Tea Cream Covered Biscuit Stick Snack [JU-ICSH]

This article was originally published on T-Ching where my article is featured[8]

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