Immunity boosters: Need to reinforce skin defences driving demand for microbiome, adaptogens in beauty –

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This is the view of beauty marketing intelligence firm Beautystreams, whose EVP of business development Jayanne Jin said consumers would seek products that can enhance their immune system from a holistic approach.

Jin elaborated: “They will seek products that will enhance their immune system via a holistic approach. Food and traditional Chinese ingredients like ginseng as well as good old vitamin C enriched formulations promote better immunity system will transition into beauty products.”

The spotlight on the health crisis has also pulled focus towards science in beauty industry and consumers are now looking towards science and expert opinions as trustworthy sources.

“While sustainability remains one of the key drivers for making purchase decisions, scientific credentialism is expected to take centerstage for years to come. The main challenge will be to make products safe and efficient, yet also to offer more sustainable and cleaner solutions,” ​said Jin.

She added: “The COVID-19 crisis has shown scientific researchers at large corporations are in a race to safeguard humanity, therefore expect consumers to gain more trust scientific approaches in general.”

As such, science and medically driven innovation that conveys trust and safety will take precedence, even over 100% natural formations.

“In order to survive in this environment. you really need to understand the change in consumer behaviour and deliver that wow factor in our brand overall experience.Without the evidence of science, without proper storytelling, brand experience will not be as effective,” ​said Jin.

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