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Wockhardt Foundation, a national, not-for-profit organization, has entered into an agreement with the UK government to “fill-finish” Covid-19 vaccines, has partnered with Biogetica, the collective of doctors, scientists and healers. The partnership will conduct multidisciplinary research into remedies and strategies to effectively combat the novel coronavirus, as per the joint official release.

The research to develop the remedy is being conducted under Corival Life Sciences, which has a one-of-its-kind partnership between global leaders in the field of Natural & Pharmaceutical Medicines, the release noted.

Corival Life Sciences has gathered data from across the world to analyse that countries using certain herbal protocols for coronavirus treatment and prevention have the lowest mortality rates. These include Kerala and Goa in India, Madagascar in the Central African Republic, and Ghana in Africa.

Trials done on patients

Further, numerous studies have also shown efficacy for these herbs in trials done on patients in computer models, and in test tubes, the release mentioned.

Under the tag of Corival Life Sciences, the researchers are developing an immunity booster named Immunofree, which will be the combination of nutraceuticals herbal extracts.

The release claim that Immunofree will work to boost immunity and will potentially work to protect organs, docking, inflammation, coagulopathy and bronchodilation.

Numerous renowned doctors and scientists from across the globe have come together to design ‘Immunofree’. This includes Apruve Mehra PHD; Dr Vijay Kamat- Medical Director, Biogetica; scientific team from Spain’s Equisalud laboratory; and Dr Vijay Kushvaha, renowned Ayurvedic Physician from Maharashtra.

Valuable inputs for the trial have come in from Dr Madan Thangavelu from Cambridge, who is a Gene Biologist, and Dr Vanita Sharma,Deputy Chair, Complementary Health IRC, SkillsIQ Department of Education, Skills and Employment, Australia.

Trials are being conducted by renowned global Clinical Trials Firm MGCTS that have prior experience of managing over 100 clinical trials.

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