Consumers have zeroed in on nutrition since the pandemic onset –

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Packaging company TricorBraun has found that over a third of US nutritional consumers―defined as those taking vitamins, minerals and/or supplements—are taking more now than they did before Covid.

The TricorBraun “Nutritional Purchasing Since COVID-19” Survey polled more than 1,600 purchasers of vitamins, minerals and/or supplements in the US since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and over 800 nutritional purchasers  in Canada. The company said the survey was conducted to gain a deeper understanding of the impact of the pandemic on nutritional consumers’ buying behaviors and trends, as well as their packaging preferences.

“COVID has intensified consumers’ focus on their health, and as a result, consumption is up,” ​said Becky Donner, senior vice president, Marketing, Design & Engineering at TricorBraun. “Behavior shifts due to COVID indicate that consumers are unwilling to take health risks, which means it’s likely we’ll continue to see increased consumption of vitamins, minerals, and supplements as a preventive measure.” 

US consumers 

Among US nutritional consumers, 45% ages 45-54 are taking nutritional products more since Covid, while 39% of those ages 35-44 are as well, along with 34% of those ages 18-34. Among US nutritional consumers ages 55 and up, 26% say they take more vitamins, minerals, and/or supplements since COVID-19.


Among Canadian nutritional consumers, 37% of adults ages 35-44 are taking nutritional products more often since Covid, while 36% of those ages 18-34 are too. About 30% of consumers ages 45-54 say they take much more or somewhat more vitamins, minerals, and/or supplements, with 17% of those aged 55+ say they are as well.

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