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The pandemic has made everyone work hard on building their immunity, from including kitchen spices in the diet to exercising regularly and also altering certain lifestyle habits. As such, chef Saransh Goila recently shared an immunity-boosting recipe — which also gives a delicious twist to the humble nimbu paani.

According to Goila, for all those who find drinking kadha difficult, fresh haldi nimbu paani is the perfect way to keep the system happy.

“Balance the slight haldi bitterness with lemon and honey. While haldi produces heat black pepper is cooling and helps you absorb all the goodness of haldi. This is a concentrated recipe for you to store in the fridge and make 6-8 glasses,” he described.

Take a look.

How to make it?

*You can make it sweeter or tangier based on your likeness, and if the fresh haldi is very strong, you can reduce the quantity of haldi,” he mentioned.

*You can also substitute lemon with amla.


2 small fresh turmeric roots, chopped
1 tsp – Ginger
1 tsp – Roasted cumin
1 tsp – Black salt
2 tsp – Black pepper
4 tbsp – Honey
2 tsp – Pink salt
4 – Lemons (juiced)


*Blend all the ingredients in a blender. Make a fine paste. For 90ml concentrate, add 150 ml water. Enjoy.

How does it taste?

The taste is very different, said Goila. “If you like ginger and sharp flavours, this is a win. I drink this daily to boost my immunity,” he mentioned.

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