You’re Probably Taking The Wrong Form of Zinc + An Expert-Backed Trick To Check –

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The supplement aisle, whether in person or online, can feel like a labyrinth—and the myriad zinc options are no exception. You can find zinc supplements in diverse complexes, mostly as salts or, less frequently, as amino acid chelates. 

It’s important to inspect your supplement and ask, what is zinc’s “partner” or “other half”? For example, your zinc supplement may contain: Zinc bisglycinate (sometimes referred to as zinc glycinate), zinc sulfate, zinc oxide, zinc gluconate, zinc acetate, zinc picolinate, zinc citrate, zinc monomethionine, etc.

While zinc supplements may be widely available, they can’t all be winners. Some are simply better, and their superiority is rooted in research. Amino acid acid mineral chelates are that unique and premium form.

A chelate is a balanced compound or complex that contains an organic ligand (e.g., the amino acid glycine) bonded to a central metal atom (zinc!). So for zinc bisglycinate, it’s one zinc atom covalently bonded to (or flanked by) two glycine amino acids.

Here are four reasons why zinc bisglycinate is my top choice for zinc supplements:

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