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Launched in October 2020, Aguulp​ is a startup co-founded by the popular rap artist Stephen Manderson which sells a range of easy-to-use liquid supplements fortified with a liposomal nutrient delivery that is said to deliver up to 98% absorption of vitamins and minerals. 

The startup is a result of Manderson’s struggles with gut health from birth, he explains.

“As a baby I was diagnosed with a condition called pyloric stenosis which meant that I was constantly being sick which meant that I had to have surgery at six weeks old.”

He says his issues quickly became both physical and psychological.

“My first memories of what I know now to be mental health issues was me telling my Nan I had a tummy ache constantly. I had every test under the sun to look for a physical symptom but there weren’t any because it wasn’t a

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physical problem, it was a mental one, I had anxiety, I was just far too young to be able to communicate that.”

Once he had realised his gut health issues were impacting him in so many ways, he began looking into natural way to control the issue.

“Trying to find a way to heal myself holistically was quite difficult, not least of all because of the array of pills and potions that I had to go through to find anything that actually helped.

“Bit by bit I started to read and learn a lot about the gut, the idea that the gut is the second brain…

“I fixed my gut through a healthy diet and high-quality supplements. Doctors were shocked by my nearly perfect blood panels. What shocked me was that I also felt happier, less anxious, had deeper sleep and higher motivation. 

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