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At the start of the pandemic, we all experienced a need for protection and prevention. Continued pandemic-related health concerns and quarantine periods have augmented our stress, lack of sleep, depressive fatigue, and exposure to blue light from long hours of working in front our computers—all of which affects the skin.

And this has moved consumers’ focus from the skin’s appearance to recognizing the deeper impact below the surface. What started with hand sanitizers, soaps and immune-supporting vitamins to protect and support the immune system against COVID19 was not enough to completely support skin too.

The silent toll of pandemic stress on the skin: Inflammaging

The connection between stress and the immune system is a burgeoning area with scientific studies showing that chronic ever-increasing stress can lead to impairment of the immune system, making skin more susceptible to chronic micro-inflammation-induced aging called inflammaging, constant tissue and cell damage as well as onset or aggravation of multiple skin diseases.

As the largest organ of the body, skin plays important barrier and immune functions maintaining the balance between the external environment and our internal organs. However, skin is also impacted by daily aggressors and inflammatory agents. 

Inflammaging is a vicious cycle aggravated by the production of free radicals, inflammatory cytokines, and oxidative stress damaging skin’s collagen and elastin contributing to more inflammation. This cycle is silently putting skin’s immune defense in overdrive; and the skin and skin’s immune defenses are weakened in time. Problems underneath start to be mirrored on the surface, with a disturbed skin barrier and microbiome leading to itchiness, dryness, redness, rough texture, irritation, heightened sensitivity, and even a burning sensation. 

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